About Us


Michael E. Vogelsang LMT
Board Certified Structural Integrator

With over 20 years experience as a licensed massage therapist, Michael brings an expansive approach to bodywork. Skilled in body reading and postural evaluation, Michael is able to see where soft tissue restrictions bind the body and decrease mobility. Combining  Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Structural Integration, Michael is able to locate the core of dysfunction, helping clients bring themselves into a more efficient balance, optimizing their body’s function and mobility.



Elisha Vogelsang LMT
Owner/Manager/Massage Therapist

Passionately dedicated to the healing work of massage, and equally as dedicated to her work as a mom.  A natural nurturer, Elisha divides her time between managing Natural Therapeutics and caring for her family.


Kelsi Brown, LMT
Massage Therapist

 I take a heart-centered, intuitive approach to my work, emphasizing the caring, compassionate touch elements of massage. I refrain from keeping my attention fixed in the client’s body, mentally evaluating and attempting to fix what’s perceived as wrong, and rather approach the session with my awareness anchored in my own heart in order to perceive a subtler guidance from a deeper wisdom.

The more traditional “fix-it” approach to massage therapy has not felt in alignment with my own core beliefs and values, as I feel the basis of that model is rooted in deficiency and dysfunction– the idea that “I am not now whole, healthy, and complete.” I believe our deepest held thoughts and beliefs are essential in creating our experienced reality, and can actually contribute to the development of physical ailments in the first place when incoherent, or out of alignment with our true nature. I believe there is a higher aspect of every one of us that can never be fragmented, wounded, or less than perfect. My calling is to work with clients in a way that reminds them that we are more than just our physical bodies in a truly wholistic wellness paradigm, and to help them align with those higher aspects.

I feel my magic is in my capacity for presence and the transmission of the Love that is in all of us. I certainly will acknowledge and address troublesome areas in our time together, but fixing and altering individual parts is not my specific emphasis. I don’t believe that approach is always necessary for relief to occur, and I believe it can lead us to miss a bigger picture in regards to our over-all well-being. Rather, I provide conditions conducive for the client to realign with the health and wholeness that already innately belongs to him/her in a way that feels appropriate for each unique individual. I implement a range of deep, sustained pressure, to more superficial fluid strokes, to holding the client in moments of complete stillness. These latter moments allow the space for inertial, stuck, or discordant energy patterns in the body to cease, and allow the body’s intelligent, inherent self-healing mechanisms to activate– forces beyond what the logical mind can comprehend. The work and space I strive to provide can be  especially emotionally healing, for it allows and encourages one to feel safe, loved, unconditionally accepted, and at home in one’s body as it is in a world that so often tries to mold us into something different than we intrinsically are. My own life experience and struggles have brought me to the current path I’m on, and my wish is to share the healing I have found and continue to find with other souls in this world.