About Us


Michael E. Vogelsang LMT
Board Certified Structural Integrator

With over 20 years experience as a licensed massage therapist, Michael brings an expansive approach to bodywork. Skilled in body reading and postural evaluation, Michael is able to see where soft tissue restrictions bind the body and decrease mobility. Combining  Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Structural Integration, Michael is able to locate the core of dysfunction, helping clients bring themselves into a more efficient balance, optimizing their body’s function and mobility.



Elisha Vogelsang LMT
Owner/Manager/Massage Therapist

Passionately dedicated to the healing work of massage, and equally as dedicated to her work as a mom.  A natural nurturer, Elisha divides her time between managing Natural Therapeutics and caring for her family.

Shirley D. Glasgow, LMT
Certified Neuromuscular Therapist
Certified Comprehensive Decongestive Physio Therapist

Bringing 25 years of experience and knowledge to the field of bodywork, Shirley has trained extensively nationally and internationally.

With training and experience in many modalities including Myofascial Release (for Pain and Structural Analysis), Microcurrent Point Stimulation (Integrative Pain Management Techniques), Ergonomics (for Sitting, Standing and Sleeping), Neuromuscular Therapy (for Nerve and Muscular Pain) and Comprehensive Decongestive Physio Therapy (including Manual Lymphatic Drainage which removes any swelling caused by inflammation).

 Attentively listening to your goals for receiving massage, Shirley creates a unique therapeutic experience for each client.

 If your goal is total relaxation, you will get that. Leaving the session with a calm mind and relaxed body. You may notice that you stand taller, breathe deeper and move with greater fluidity.

 If your goal is reducing pain or increasing mobility, that will be the focus of the session. Whether your pain is a result of physical trauma or injury, TMJD or general aches and pains from everyday use, bodywork with Shirley can help.